Hydrotechnical works

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Hydrotechnical works

Hydrotechnical works are those all activities in the field of water or inland water construction that enable the smooth functioning of water management and improve its efficiency. The wide range of hydrotechnical works includes the construction, expertise, repair, servicing of, among others, wharves, piers, bridges, dams and all hydrotechnical structures, which are regulated by the Regulation of the Minister of Environment of April 20, 2007 on the technical conditions to be met by hydrotechnical structures and their location.

Performing hydrotechnical works requires expert knowledge, specialized skills and precision. DIVAL takes on the challenges of all hydrotechnical works – welding, sealing injections of hydrotechnical structures, technical condition assessments of hydrotechnical structures. DIVAL provides support for the investment from the performance of expertise and design to the implementation of the execution of hydrotechnical works.

DIVAL team has all the necessary approvals and certificates to perform hydrotechnical works in the broad sense. We have specialized equipment, proven materials and knowledge and experience based on many years of practice. We guarantee activities at the highest level. DIVAL also offers realization of pre- and post-construction audiovisual materials. We invite you to cooperate with us!

Underwater welding

Underwater cutting

Laying of gabions

Concrete reprofiling

Repairs to hydrotechnical structures

Pressure injections

Underwater drilling

Core drilling

Installation of formwork

Cutting wood under water